This daily part of running your business can be an awesome task taking up much of your valuable time. By using a freelance bookkeeper you can free your time up to be used more productively in the management of your staff and business, without the need to employ another member of staff. The advantage of this is that you only pay for the time needed to complete the task and as you are not employing that person but using them as a service provider there is no implication in so far as PAYE is concerned.We have experience in the set-up and keeping of accurate records in both the manual and computerised field. If you are just a small company or even a sole trader, we can either come to your premises and complete your work on an agreed basis (perhaps fortnightly or even monthly) or we can collect your paperwork from you, take it away and return it all in order and ready to be passed to your accountant at your year end. By keeping accurate records you reduce the time spent by an accountant on queries and other sundry items thereby reducing your annual bill.

For larger companies requiring or using a computerised system, we can either manage the system already in place or set one up for you should this be necessary. We use the latest version of Sage line 50 which can be linked directly to your accountants, thereby reducing the need for visits to enable them to make necessary adjustments to your accounts throughout the year. It also means the year-end process can be completed without much effort.

We keep monthly timesheets of the time spent on your work and invoice you accordingly at the end of each month.

Whatever the size of your business, We have the services and the software to meet your requirements.

Costs for provision of bookkeeping services vary according to whether you require a simple manual system or a computerised system

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